2024 California HOA Legislation Update Guide

FirstService Residential delivers exceptional service to our clients by providing a specialized team of legal and operations experts who track legislation and case law, ensuring managers are aware of new laws. 

Our informative guide for board members takes a closer look at 9 new statutes... 

  • AB 1458 – Lower Quorum Requirement 

  • AB 648 – Virtual Meetings 

  • AB 1764 – Director Qualifications 

  • AB 1033 – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) 

  • SB 71 – Small Claims Court 

  • Corporate Transparency Act 

  • AB 572 – Limitation of Assessment Increases on Affordable Housing Units 

  • SB 428 – Workplace Restraining Orders 

  • AB 1572 – Potable Water 

And new case law... 

  • Fairly-Haze v. Whitesails Community Association 

  • Lake Lindero Homeowners Association, Inc. V. Barone  

  • Manrodt v. Albelo 

  • LNSU #1, LLC et al v. Alta Del Mar Coastal Collection Community Association 

  • Takiguchi v. Venetian Condominiums 

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