We Are FirstService Residential

At FirstService Residential, we provide association management services to over 8,600 community associations across the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to enhance the value of every property and the lifestyle of every resident through innovative community management practices and exceptional customer service. 

When you partner with a team that knows your market and brings the right resources for your community, you can enhance the value of your property and create a strong sense of community. Our team of local experts in the U.S. and Canada includes the industry’s top talent – unrivaled in experience, innovation, and dedication to service. By combining our associates’ collective experience and knowledge with our corporate depth of resources, we are familiar with every property type and can provide the services you need, regardless of the type of community you call home. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Customer Care Center

We offer a 24/7 Customer Care Center to all our communities. Residents can call with questions and concerns any time, every day of the week. Our call center associates can access a company-wide knowledge base to answer questions and solve problems. They beat industry standards for customer satisfaction, resolving most issues during the first call. 

Unique Value-Added Services 

Community association management is much more than ensuring everything in your property is well-maintained and that your front desk staff is exceptional. Through our affiliate subsidiaries, FirstService Financial and FirstService Energy, we offer insurance, financial, and energy programs that can reduce costs for your community while increasing property values and improving your overall financial status. 

Exclusive Financial and Banking Programs 

Our team has a successful track record of managing over 8,600 residential communities and administering over $7 billion in operating budgets. With this considerable volume of business comes the power to negotiate higher yields with greater security on your association's investments. Moreover, our exclusive services provide access to finance opportunities that have saved our clients millions - all aimed at minimizing risk while maximizing their returns. 

Innovative Technology Solutions 

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your community’s needs. Utilizing custom-tailored technology solutions, we strategically assess your property's individual requirements to create an effortless and secure experience. One such solution is our proprietary FirstService Residential Connect property management software that is available to most of our client properties.  

Energy management and advisory 

FirstService Energy, an energy management and advisory affiliate of FirstService Residential, is dedicated to helping clients maximize the efficiency of their buildings. With a professional team composed uniquely of data analysts, and energy advisors working in perfect synergy - we strive towards aiding our communities by providing guidance on energy and cost reductions. 

Combined Purchasing Power 

We can provide you with expert guidance on vendor costs and association payments. We will negotiate the best possible rates and service from your existing vendors or help you find new ones. Our goal is to save your association money while improving the levels of service you receive for what you spend. 

Transparency, Security, and Accountability 

As a division of FirstService Corporation, a publicly held company (NASDAQ: FSRV; TSX. FSV), we are held to high standards of transparency, security, and accountability and are subject to Sarbanes-Oxley financial control requirements.  

Our commitment to security and accountability includes using rigorous IT controls to protect the privacy and security of our client's financial information. When we bring new associates on board, our goal is to ensure that they are properly qualified and screened so that you can be confident in the people working in your community. 

Making a Difference. Every Day. 

Our more than 17,000 associates form the heart of FirstService Residential. We owe our success to these talented property management professionals who share their diverse knowledge and experience with our communities every day. We value their commitment to the board members, homeowners, and residents who live in the communities we manage. 

Contact us today to learn more about how FirstService Residential can serve your community!

Whether you live in a high rise, a co-op, an HOA, a strata corporation, a condominium, or a rental community, we know what is unique about your neighborhood, and we understand the challenges you face. Our board members can count on our unmatched expertise and resources, always delivered with a commitment to outstanding service.
David Diestel, CEO, FirstService Residential

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