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Customized Wilmington Property Management and Condo Management by FirstService Residential.

As its nickname states, Wilmington definitely is “in the middle of it all.” As Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington sits at the confluence of the Christina River and the Delaware River, and is a central location for the state’s transportation system. With the popular Joseph R. Biden Jr. Wilmington Rail Station serving it, as well as a busy port, the city is the most accessible in the entire state. As such, it’s no wonder that Wilmington is a focal point for commerce.  Business-friendly financial laws and a reputation for a fair and efficient judicial system have also contributed to its corporate appeal.  In fact, Wilmington has become a national financial center for the credit card industry, housing the headquarters for many of the country’s main card issuers. 

With such a strong economic presence and convenient location, Wilmington has attracted the state’s job seekers. A population of over 70,000 Wilmington residents live in communities of all types, from city center condominiums to ranch homes in the outskirts. FirstService Residential has been helping communities like these for over 30 years to enhance lifestyle residents, every day. 

Wilmington Property Management by FirstService Residential includes services like:

• Comprehensive accounting services and financial reports providing for transparency, security and accountability.
• Vendor management as well as combined buying power to save you money
• Regular property inspections and implementation of a work order system using mobile technology
• User-friendly communication tools connecting Board members, residents, and the management company
• Customer-focused associates and a 24/7 customer care center at no additional cost to the association to ensure you have dedicated service.

FirstService Residential also offers unique value-added services like:

• Best-in-class associate training and education programs for associates and board members
• Proprietary technology products
• Value-added products such as collective buying programs that reduce vendor costs
• Advanced product expertise & innovative services
• Customer-focused associates and a 24/7 customer care center at no additional cost to the association to make certain you have dedicated service.

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