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Since 1997, FirstService Financial has set the standard within the financial services field for managed community associations and commercial properties.

Our commitment to simplifying the complex has resulted in innovative technology and access to service-focused experts. We are not just in the business of finances. We’re in the business of community building. We leverage our size and expertise to increase the value of being a FirstService client by offering unmatched best-in-class services in the industry, including cash management, community insurance, and lending services. Therefore, you can focus on the bigger picture and bring your vision to life.
Our programs and product offerings are designed with you in mind to be efficient, effective, and make life, simplified.


partner banks

Cash Management


days faster closing than direct applying



loss ratios below market average



industry earnings via market lending rates


in savings via reduced interest rates


reduction in premiums

Contact us to experience best-in-class financial services for condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations.

FirstService Financial and FS Insurance Brokers are affiliates of FirstService Residential and subsidiaries of FirstService Corporation. FirstService Financial and FS Insurance Brokers receive fees or commissions from their treasury and insurance partners for assistance in developing, placing, servicing, and maintaining these programs. Our programs are created for FirstService Residential clients and are optional; however, many FirstService Residential clients participate because of their added value.

About Us

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