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Securing proper insurance coverage is a crucial part of leading your Strata. For over a decade, FS Insurance Brokers has provided ongoing support to FirstService Residential Strata councils, residents, and managers in British Columbia through risk advisory services and education resources. As licensed insurance professionals, we guide our clients towards programs and products that reinforce loss prevention and mitigation as part of their daily operations.

Our dedicated team of professionals assist in obtaining the best possible coverage through their:
  • Expertise – Our team has the skills and expertise to help your Strata Corporation obtain the best product at leading rates.
  • Education – Our clients rely on us as their trusted advisors, and we empower them to make the right business decisions to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Transparency – We remain steadfast in acting ethically and in our client’s best interest. We will always disclose our broker partnerships, commission structure, and relationship to FirstService Residential.
  • Risk Management Strategies– Our focus on risk management and claims handling tools has allowed us to lower the frequency and severity of claims across our portfolio, creating long-term premium savings for our Strata clients.
  • Customer Service – We strive to maintain alignment with all stakeholders and serve our clients through education, communication, and ethical practices. We measure our success based on long-term client relationships, not short-term gains.
  • Stability – Our focus is on our clients. We work with our broker partners to provide full replacement coverage at competitive premiums, even during challenging market conditions where the supply of insurance capacity is limited.

loan ratios below market average


long term premium savings

Our Strata Corporation was recently built, and we have been working with FirstService since June 2022. In September 2022, our Strata Corporation had two major water leaks, with a total claim amount of $2,250,000. In these two incidents, 70 units and common areas were affected. FS Insurance Brokers’ team negotiated with the developer and their insurance adjuster to reimburse the unit owners for their personal claims and repair the damaged units and common areas using their insurance policy rather than the strata’s.

We have been very pleased with their professionalism and openness and with the value we received during this stressful time. The fact that our property management company and insurance brokers, FirstService Residential and FS Insurance Brokers, work together has simplified the service and has brought down costs.
Strata council members, BC.

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DISCLOSURE STATEMENT OF FIRSTSERVICE RESIDENTIAL BRITISH COLUMBIA AND FIRSTSERVICE INSURANCE BROKERS, PURSUANT TO SECTION 5-11 OF THE REAL ESTATE COUNSEL RULES: FS Insurance Brokers, Inc., a subsidiary of FirstService Financial and an affiliate of FirstService Residential, receives compensation from its broker partnerships. The commission paid to FS Insurance Brokers is equal to approximately 18% multiplied by one half of your annual insurance premiums of your strata, rental, or commercial property policies and is calculated as follows: [0.18 x total annual insurance premium amounts ÷ 2]. Furthermore, FS Insurance Brokers owes a duty of care to our clients. This means that FS Insurance Brokers' duty of care owing to our clients and its concomitant obligation to serve our clients takes priority over our duty of care and obligations owing to FirstService Residential or FS Insurance Brokers. FS Insurance Brokers' mission is to protect our client’s interests, understand their needs, and always act with integrity and competence. FS Insurance Brokers will always disclose our relationships to our clients in advance of any client decision. This Disclosure Statement is intended by FS Insurance Brokers to inform you of conflicts, real, potential, or perceived, which could arise when serving its clients (YOU) due to its relationship to and with FirstService Financial and FirstService Residential. Should you find that FS Insurance Brokers has acted contrary to any principle or statement made in this DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, you are requested to contact [email protected] and your concern will be promptly and respectfully addressed.

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