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Making sure your community association has the insurance coverage it needs is a crucial part of your board’s fiduciary responsibility. FS Insurance Brokers’ licensed professionals use in-depth knowledge and industry insights to help maximize coverage, reduce insurance premiums, and enhance access to insurance products and programs specifically geared to the unique needs of associations.
FS Insurance Brokers, a subsidiary of FirstService Financial, merges industry-leading, in-depth insurance and risk management knowledge with the property management expertise of FirstService Residential. We understand the importance of protecting our client’s property, as well as all other potential perils.

FS Insurance Brokers help communities face the challenges of securing and maintaining a comprehensive, cost-effective program by:
  • Offering advisory and risk management services
  • Partnering with local and national brokers experienced in community association needs
  • Providing risk education and claims advocacy to improve loss experience and lower premiums
  • Delivering best-in-class insurance placements
  • Access to an in-house team of licensed professionals
  • Brokering stewardship programs
Becoming and remaining comprehensively covered requires tailored, scalable support. FS Insurance Brokers provided that for our community through their broker partners and in-house insurance experts. They were able to advise us through the process and therefore deliver high premium savings and improve our deductible significantly.
Board member, Sunny Isles, FL.

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Extensive industry experience and strong relationships with over 30 top insurance carriers enable us to design, negotiate, and implement many unique regional property programs. The goal is to favorably impact the underwriting process and help enhance coverages while maintaining competitive pricing.
Some of the products FS Insurance Brokers offer their professional guidance are:  
  • Property Insurance
  • Risk Management, Education & Advisory
  • Cyber Liability and Crime/Fidelity Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Direct Insurance Programs
  • General & Excess Liability Insurance
  • Earthquake & Flood Insurance

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DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: FS Insurance Brokers, Inc., a subsidiary of FirstService Financial and an affiliate of FirstService Residential, receives compensation from its broker partnerships. FS Insurance Brokers owes a duty of care to our clients. This means that FS Insurance Brokers' duty of care owing to our clients and its concomitant obligation to serve our clients takes priority over our duty of care and obligations owing to FirstService Residential or FS Insurance Brokers. FS Insurance Brokers' mission is to protect our client’s interests, understand their needs, and always act with integrity and competence. FS Insurance Brokers will always disclose our relationships to our clients in advance of any client decision. This Disclosure Statement is intended by FS Insurance Brokers to inform you of conflicts, real, potential, or perceived, which could arise when serving its clients (YOU) due to its relationship to and with FirstService Financial and FirstService Residential. Should you find that FS Insurance Brokers has acted contrary to any principle or statement made in this DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, you are requested to contact [email protected] , and your concern will be promptly and respectfully addressed.


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