• Since you took over the management of our building, my wife and I have noticed a dramatic increase in the level of professionalism. Our property manager has proven to be a steady hand on the till. She is extremely knowledgeable, always has an answer for whatever inquiry comes her way, and always follows up promptly – a characteristic that, unfortunately, I have not seen with other property management outfits.
    Apartment Owner
    Crossing 23rd Condominium,
  • You are doing a terrific job managing the building and constantly keeping tenants informed of all big (and even little) things happening. It is very useful, particularly if you reside in the building. As an owner, I find it gratifying to know that the building is managed so well.
    Apartment Owner
    100 United Nations Plaza,
  • For the last few months we have a seen a marked improvement in the relationship between the management, the Board and our shareholders. The demands to improve the safety, efficiency and functionality of the building to protect our investment are always a shareholder’s top priorities. We recognize that the success in the improvement in our relationship is in direct correlation to the dedication and tenacity of our new property manager. Her door to door approach, listening to the concerns of our shareholders, is making the lives of our residents much better. … We have witnessed breakthroughs we attribute to her proclivity to detail.
    Board and Shareholders
    70-unit cooperative,
  • I just completed closing on refinancing my mortgage. I wanted to acknowledge the prompt and excellent assistance I received as a result of your streamlined procedures for refinancing. Your team really held my hand and kept things moving forward quickly. No, I don't think my being on the board had anything to do with it. It's because you are consummate professionals and good folk on top of that.
    Board Member
    Carlton Regency,
  • "I've worked closely with Tom Padilla and Gloria D'Amura for more than 10 years sitting on the board of the Silk Building (14 East 4th Street). They've been consummate professionals through the whole experience. With an an aging building we encounter all sorts of challenges, from managing the maze of NYC's newest requirements, to understanding how hurricane Sandy should impact our thinking on insurance, to making sure our fire alarm system can be state of the art. In the meantime, our building is mixed use, with sophisticated commercial tenants (NYU and Vornado) sharing space with residential tenants. This requires a level of problem solving and diplomacy to please all parties. And all of this is on top of the day-to-day issues that inevitably come up with a group of people living in close quarters. I consider FirstService Residential, and specifically Tom and Gloria, our Sherpas in navigating NYC DOB compliance. They are leading the city in best practice."
    The Silk Building,
  • In my work on several boards, there isn’t anyone who compares favorably with our Property Manager. He is competent, efficient and diligent, plus he goes the extra mile every time he can. He is a pleasure to be associated with. He returns every call or email with a virtual smile whether or not he can cure my usual impatience. He is a de facto member of our board and all of us feel as I do.
    Board Member
    Carlton Regency,
  • On behalf of the Board, I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the tremendous role your team played helping us to reach the outcome that we did. This important achievement of purchasing the apartment for a live-in superintendent will add value to the building and to our individual investments. … We especially want to single out our property manager who coordinated the efforts of the board, our corporate counsel, and the financial people at FSR. She was the proverbial "glue" that held our efforts together. … Thank you for your steady hand in guiding us with your much valued knowledge and advice. The building's shareholders respect you for your longtime contribution. Your presence lends a calming perspective to weighty matters.
    Board Member
    70 East 77th Street,
  • You've gotten high marks for your comments and presence tonight. Neighbors and fellow board members have all commented to me that you are knowledgeable and above all, sweet. Thank you for being here all the way from Staten Island, two nights in a row. You are appreciated!
    Board Member
    The Vaux Condominium,
  • I want to personally thank you for your attention to our building and the fine work that you do. I do not know if you were within earshot when I gave you the full credit you deserve for [your] dedication and assistance in helping us achieve a very important milestone – the approval of the Five Year Capital Plan. The road to seeing it through to completion will also require a tremendous amount of work which I know will be given by you and the fine FSR organization.
    Board Member
    The St. Tropez Condominium,
  • Thank you for introducing me to Stephanie to help with my tax abatement application. She was very helpful in advising me and also went out of her way to review the cover letter (which she suggested I write to clarify my situation). Despite our best efforts, the DOF only approved one tax lot for the abatement. Stephanie has got her DOF contacts on this and has been arguing vigorously on my behalf to get the other lot approved. She has been getting back to me with updates, sometimes late at night. Helping me out has nothing to do with her day job, that I'm sure keeps her very busy. I would be totally lost as to how to go about dealing with this issue by myself and Stephanie has been nothing short of amazing. Please let her know how impressed I am with her knowledge, connections and, above all, her going out of her way to help me!
    Board Member
    Greenwich Club Residences,
  • The decision to move to renewable energy is the latest in a long effort to make our community more sustainable. Our ‘green’ initiatives have included the installation of solar panels, an LED lighting conversion, and implementing New York City’s e-cycleNYC, re-fashionNYC, and, organics recycling programs. With each subsequent initiative, support grows for how we can operate even more effectively with minimal impact to our environment. With the support of FirstService Residential, we were very pleased to learn just how affordable renewable energy is, which became the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ for our latest environmental stewardship effort.
    Board Member
    The Kips Bay Towers Condominium,
  • Our manager completely asserted the Co-op’s position and rights with the shareholder. Her gentle and professional manner, fused with a ‘no nonsense’ attitude, is exactly the right blend of management style needed to maintain the integrity of the Co-op’s Proprietary Lease and finances, and to safeguard the quality of life for our shareholders.
    Board of Directors
    84-unit cooperative,
  • The FSR team has great qualities—honesty, trustworthiness, professionalism—and they are very good at listening to issues and responding accordingly. We appreciate your efforts.
    Board of Directors
    Tracy Towers,
  • There has been a lot to deal with during the management transition, but things are progressing quickly and FirstService Residential has been very responsive and proactive! During the first few months, they have worked with the board to create new Purchase, Lease, and Refinance Applications; been present at all board meetings; consistently visited the building to check on operations; and are working to ensure repairs are being performed so our building is prepared for inspections.
    Board of Directors
    The Hamilton,
  • I attended your Sustainability Expo and walked away with many impressions. The wealth of information, knowledge and experience available to us, whether proactive or reactive, is beyond anything we had at our prior management company. I took notes regarding what we can do for the environment and to be fiscally responsible for our co-op. It was great. The very large turnout of board presidents indicated to me a very big show of support for your company, managers and executives. I was initially worried about losing our family relationship, but I can tell you I felt like the most important person at the seminar amongst many, many board presidents. Maybe other companies are running these seminars, but I had never been and this was executed first class. We are in great hands.
    Board President
    232-unit cooperative,
  • I am writing on behalf of the Board to highly commend Steve, our Property Manager, for his superb response to the smoky apartment fire on Friday night. Steve was home but rushed back from New Jersey to deal with the crisis. He took immediate command as the fire department relinquished control. Working with our outstanding Resident Manager and his amazing staff, Steve ensured that immediate critical tasks were performed, expedited insurance company involvement, updated our residents that evening, and arranged professional, building-wide smoke odor abatement so that the building was essentially back to normal by Wednesday. The Board is very appreciative of the very efficient and professional way this entire crisis was responded to by all the staff who came to our assistance. The Board wishes especially to recognize Steve for his exemplary management and dedication. Thank you for ensuring that FirstService Residential provides the quality of experienced management exemplified by Steve.
    Board President
    442 unit condop,
  • Spectacular! No other word adequately expresses it. Most impressive outcome of the [lobby re-opening reception] was the appreciation and joy of our residents. What a positive image this Board and management have been able to accomplish.
    Board President
    100 UN Plaza Board Member,
  • Thank you for your excellent budget presentation. You really have a grasp on all of the particulars which was extremely helpful in our discussions. As someone whose head would spin every year during budget discussions, you made this very comprehensible. Thank you.
    Board President
    214-unit cooperative,
  • Thank you for helping us [secure a cost-free energy efficient lighting upgrade] with the Con Edison program. The new lights and fixtures really make a difference inside and outside the building. I am also very happy with the new super that you highly recommended. He has already saved the co-op thousands of dollars with his knowledge.
    Board President
    Howard Beach Co-op,
  • I wanted to acknowledge the great work that your team at East Midtown Plaza is doing. Tom and Geri have worked on a number of historical problems with ease. In the past month alone, we have successfully refinanced a new mortgage, replenished all our accounts, completed many capital projects and most importantly, won the FULL confidence of the board. THANK YOU for the great job!
    Board President
    East Midtown Plaza,
  • I am writing on behalf of the board to commend our Property Manager for his exceptional effort and accomplishments. Over this past year, he has done a remarkable job in managing our major Local Law 11 project, bringing a very large-scale project within a week of completion, limited only by weather. The project was anticipated to take a full year, and he has gotten it complete in less than 9 months. He has also been relentless in keeping our costs down. He is a tough negotiator when it comes to dealing with contractors. So, in addition to saving time, he has saved us considerable money. Thank you for ensuring that FirstService Residential provides this quality of experienced management.
    Board President
    185 West End Avenue Owners Corp.,
  • Your hard work and perseverance has helped us solve two very difficult problems. Your professionalism does not go unnoticed. We know that we are not your only account yet you treat us as if we were. I do not hand out compliments easily but you deserve all the kudos available. You are one of the few who understand that a phone call, text or email is important even if there is no info to pass on. Thanks for all you have done.
    Board President
    Queens Co-op,
  • Luis, Kudos for the response to last night's water main break. When the city water failed late in the evening, our pumps were running dry and would have been damaged had you all not reacted and responded as quickly and effectively as you did. Without an in-building Super this could have been a real problem. It was great that you were here on-site so quickly, and that Roy, who was already home and off-duty, came back from Long Island to get the pumps off (so they would not burn out), then primed, then going again after the city restored service. And in the snow no less! Congratulations on a great response.
    Board President
    555 West 23rd Street Condominium,
  • Our property manager inherited our building with a very difficult board, difficult unit owners and many problems. He is doing a fantastic job getting us back on our feet. He focuses on the building’s problems in a professional and tenacious way and does not give up until we have closure. He is helping us deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which left us in a terrible financial situation. In spite of the overwhelming calls and emails he receives, he puts in extra hours on his own time to be sure that our problems receive resolution in a timely and professional way. He handles everyone and every issue in a remarkable and patient manner. He is a 120% asset to your organization.
    Board President
    120-unit Condominium,
  • I needed to drop by the management office earlier and despite the difficult weather conditions, all four office employees were working today. I know they arrive from different locations and it could be argued that it is their responsibility to be in but, I do think that it is a reflection on their responsibility to FirstService and Kips Bay Condominium. Their dedication and commitment is appreciated by the Board and residents.
    Board President
    Kips Bay Towers Condominium,
  • I had the opportunity to meet with our new manager to look at our property. It was a most professional visit and resulted in identifying numerous areas for improvement. She represented FirstService Residential splendidly as her knowledge, concern and diplomacy were in evidence.
    Board President
    40-unit condominium,
  • When Tiffany was assigned to our property, it took time for us to let go and allow her to do what was needed, set priorities, and begin to seriously manage our property. She made our building her personal mission, systematically built a strong foundation, and kicked us into forward motion. Our current staff is strong, competent, and knowledgeable and we are confident that they will continue to be because of her guidance. Tiffany has met every emergency with a calm confidence and strength that reassured us that all would be right! She truly loves this building and shares our vision.
    Board Treasurer
    98-unit Condominium,
  • I am the broker for the potential buyers for this apartment. We had the opportunity to work with your processor on the board submission. I am sure she is inundated with questions from potential buyers and their brokers when they start filling out the board application, and we were no exception! She promptly replied to all of our inquiries. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and response time were unparalleled to anyone I have worked with in this capacity.
    Denise O’Neill
    NextStopNY Real Estate,
  • I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you have done in assisting with the sale. You have done your best to respond to each and every question, request and concern as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Getting to the finish line of a co-op transaction is similar to getting to the finish line of a marathon; both require patience, commitment and perseverance. You have all of these qualities and so many other wonderful ones as well! My team and I have worked with many property managers and it is rare to find someone who is as responsive and attentive.
    Erica Rose Siegel, Realtor
    Exit Kingdom Realty,
  • Tiffani was so extremely pleasant and kind. It was an amazing experience. You rarely see great customer service anymore. It was like I felt her smile through the phone.
    Furniture Deliveryman
    400 Central Park West,
  • FSR certainly puts its money where its mouth is. I can't imagine any greater acknowledgment of the work we do. The $2,500 raised at your Sustainability Expo for GrowNYC will help ensure that we continue making a difference in keeping NYC and the planet a cleaner, greener place. Thank you for your leadership and understanding on such an important issue like recycling. Your passion and dedication to protect the environment is commendable.
    John Johnson, GrowNYC
  • A long time ago, when I was an associate at a law firm, a client (who was a lawyer) took the time and wrote an email to the owner of the law firm to express his thanks and to compliment me on a case I was handling. Too many times people complain, criticize and write negative comments but do not take the time to put in a good word when someone does a good job. I wanted to take the time to let you know that in my past and very recent experience in working with Scot, I found him to be professional, responsive, accessible and reasonable. I was very appreciative (as I believe were my client, the buyers and their counsel) that Scott went the extra mile to make sure we could close today. He was fully prepared and the cooperative apartment closing took one hour, start to finish, with a mortgage loan.
    Laurence D. Pittinsky, Esq.
    Rosenberg & Pittinsky,
  • Gaitri is a pleasure to work with and was essential in coordinating an extremely complicated board package. She was diligent, thorough, and even made herself available one evening. It is incredibly refreshing to work with someone who understands all the complexities and goes the extra mile.
    Marcy Grau, Broker
    Stribling & Associates,
  • As an agent with Citi Habitats for the last 11 years, I have a lot of experience with managing agents, some good, some not so good, but none I can say were great. This is my first experience with a managing agent who is always accessible, returns calls, and goes above and beyond to assist and that, I would say, is great. I found the ‘customer service’ at FirstService Residential to be top-notch. I have actually never reached out to a managing agent supervisor before, but I thought you should know.
    Michelle Sedlitz, Licensed Real Estate Agent
    New York,
  • I have dealt with many management companies in the past. Usually everyone is nice enough and somewhat responsive. The issues are usually that management takes days to get back to me with answers on questions or board applications. Your team is the best at what they do for your company. Their level of service is so pleasant and enjoyable and they go above and beyond. Every time I have emailed or called they have responded immediately. I wish there were more people like them in our industry.
    Nick Montalbano, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
    Elegran Real Estate,
  • I am writing to let you know that our manager is by far the best representative of any managing agent that I have ever met. He is extremely responsive, helpful, professional and knowledgeable and treats everyone with complete respect whether it is a VIP or a worker who answers to him. We feel fortunate that we have someone here that we can depend on.
    515 East 72nd Street,
  • Thank you for your assistance. You were really informative and helpful along the way. FirstService is definitely one of the better management offices I have dealt with in my career. Your company is doing a nice job managing the buildings, keeping them clean, and keeping the living conditions at a high standard.
    Realtor Vinson Tsai
    Century Homes Realty,
  • I'm a 35-plus year resident. I'm emailing to give high praise and recognition for your employees. They are the nicest, most kind-hearted people I've met and always display exemplary customer service skills, which are very hard to find these days! They really care about the residents here and are all about improving our quality of life. It is my pleasure to send this note to acknowledge the great work they've done and continue to do each day.
    Park City Estates,
  • These last few weeks clearly were extraordinary. While we were spared the catastrophic results faced by many in our immediate area, we were impacted to an extent greater than expected. The building staff was nothing short of extraordinary, communicating effectively and often. Anxiety is generally relieved when information is provided. The communication this staff provided allowed us the opportunity to plan and make decisions. We have a number of friends in the area that still have not heard from their building management – no kidding. Some are moving into this building. I just wanted to make sure that I sent a thank you and reinforce that what was accomplished here was appreciated and noticed.
    New York by Gehry,
  • While I was living like a savage [as a result of Hurricane Sandy], there were a couple of staff whose faces I constantly saw (thank goodness!) greeting me in the lobby and making me feel safe and secure. In addition, I appreciated your constant updates, so when I was able to charge my phone and get a signal, I was reassured that you guys were on top of it and doing all you humanly could to keep us informed and advised.
    75 Wall Street,
  • I’m a big believer in letting people know when they are achieving (or exceeding!) expectations. The management group at 20 Exchange has done just that for us. It hasn’t been easy. The past two years have seen so many capital improvement projects that have been so disruptive to ‘life flow’ here. Having said that, we love it here and see the direction all of these projects are taking us. The place looks and feels better than ever. And Shana and Monique are doing a great job of juggling all of the different balls they have in the air concurrently.

    They always took the time to explain the limitations they were dealing with and always did the very best they could to mitigate the problems and intervene where they could, and most importantly, communicate with us.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to try to help us in any way they can. I always fear being an annoying resident and hate to be a squeaky wheel, but they go out of their way to not make us feel that way. This is a top notch crew that we feel a great deal of confidence in. Thank you for putting this team in place, because they are doing a remarkable job in the face of a ton of obstacles, probably more than I will ever even realize.

    As long time residents we feel like they value us as tenants, which was not always the case in this building. We feel like they take a ton of pride in their work. The evidence is all around us. The place is shiny and new, cleaner than ever, and is a place in which we are increasingly proud to live.
    20 Exchange Place,
  • Thank you so very much for your kind help in sending us the information requested. You are truly a great asset to the company and to all who are part of the Gramercy House. My husband and I are grateful to have always received your prompt, reliable and caring assistance to all our requests.
    Gramercy House Owners Corp.,
  • We want to thank you for all the hard work you and your crew have done at our building to make it habitable after Super Storm Sandy.
    Dayton Beach Park,
  • Thank you for everything you and your staff have done. Everybody has been absolutely a pleasure to work with. You not only helped me with the application, but went out of your way to explain to me anything I didn't understand and gave me advice on how to handle certain obstacles. I have lived in and owned apartments in many buildings in New York City and I can safely say that our staff and management company are the best I have ever encountered.
    160 West End Avenue,
  • I want to congratulate the team on the annual shareholders’ meeting. It was very well organized and very well run and I know a lot has to happen behind the scenes. The professionalism carries all the way through.
    Park Towers Tenants Corp.,
  • I would like to express my most sincere appreciation for the support each of you provided to me during the refi process. All of you were helpful, accommodating, professional and timely.I'm aware that end to end (especially taking into account the holiday) the entire process was completed in record time. Thank you!
    University Towers,
  • Thank you for your help with my refinance submission. I am impressed by your attention to detail, promptness and professionalism. You truly went that extra mile to analyze my financial documents. Thanks for responding twice or four times a day to our queries.
    Royal York,
  • Ms. Bullard and Ms. Goodwine have been efficient and responsive with settling ownership of my co-op and helping me submit a board package. They are to be recognized not only because of their high level of professionalism but for the heart that they bring to their work – a rare combination in the world of business. I felt supported through every step and don't know what I would have done without this power duo in my corner. I want to be sure they are applauded and recognized. In this big city where we often lose that valued small-town feel, they bring the human touch to FirstService Residential.
    160 West End Avenue,
  • May I just express my deepest appreciation for the services that were recently provided when I felt I had reached an impasse relative to the current gas shut-off and gas restoration situation at Park City Estates. The availability of the FirstService Residential staff with whom PCE tenants/cooperative members can readily communicate with is a tremendous help, and I trust that this will continue among the services that FirstService Residential offers.
    Park City Estates Tenants Corp.,
  • Thanks for the weather warning. I’m always impressed with the way the management team handles these kinds of storms. You guys seem to be doing a far-above-average job.
    University Towers Apt. Corp.,
  • Your closing agent managed two transactions for me and I want to commend him for his professional, responsive handling of both. His steady way and kind handling of my questions was most appreciated. Too often in business days we hear about what's wrong and not enough about WHAT'S RIGHT. He did right for me and for your company, too.
    160 West End Avenue,
  • Your Closing Director went out of his way to make sure our needs are being met! What a delightful man. My husband and I are refinancing our apartment. I left a frustrated voicemail for him with hopes that he could enlighten me on a situation... and can you believe it? He called me back! He is not the person handling our closing, but he wanted to reassure me that he looked into the situation, making sure it was resolved, and if we had any problems in the future to feel free to call him! How sweet and caring! Being a shareholder, it just thrills me that such a wonderful person works there! Please recognize what a responsible loving person you have in your company. I don't like writing emails, but he deserves praise.
    Great Neck Terrace,
  • I am appreciative of the great service I receive from your staff. When I walk through the gates or drive in there is a feeling of safety and I love being able to enjoy the beautiful environment. I look forward to being here for a very long time – this is home in the true sense of the word.
    University Towers Apt. Corp.,
  • I wanted to put in writing what I told you during the tortured path to the closing: that I believe the Closing Agent, Carlo, is superb. In my long experience as a real estate lawyer, I have [dealt] with many closing agents. Not a single one has demonstrated anything close to Carlo’s responsiveness. When one makes a call to Carlo, he returns that call and always within a reasonable time. This closing had a lot of twists and turns. Carlo demonstrated great patience, flexibility, and humor throughout in dealing with the many problems that arose. I wanted to commend his performance and bring it to your attention.
    Thomas L. Gazianis, Esq.
    New York,
  • Here, and I suspect at other buildings, for a degree of work that seems like a feat to me – our property manager is the linchpin. At a well -attended holiday party in the lobby, she arranged dreidels that she bought herself for the children. On a weekend on her own time, she visited Home Depot to browse potential stone for front door saddles. She is a real gift.
    Unit Owner
    372 Central Park West,
  • I wanted to personally thank you for welcoming me into the building and for the timely board approval. Your staff at the front desk, custodial staff and valet have been extremely helpful with my move-in and have been both friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the upkeep and amenities of the building and am looking forward to life at 75 Wall Street.
    Unit Owner
    75 Wall Street Condominium,
  • Thank you for your assistance with our transaction. You were very informed and very helpful to us. FirstService Residential is definitely one of the better management companies I have dealt with in my career. Your company is doing a nice job of managing the buildings, keeping them clean and maintaining a high standard of living.
    Vinson Tsai, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
    Century Homes Realty Group,