Resident Support Services

Unmatched customer service through our Resident Support Services

We’re excited to be launching Resident Support Services (RSS) in your community. 
Made up of Alberta based experts, our RSS team works behind the scenes to help resolve homeowners’ day-to-day  matters. We’ve designed RSS with condominium homeowners in mind.
Our RSS team is available to answer various owner/tenant inquiries quickly and efficiently, including:

  • Accounts and payment questions, balance inquiries
  • Amenity and elevator booking
  • Key & Fob requests
  • Applications
  • Information update
  • Bylaw inquiries
  • Common area maintenance, and more
While RSS is designed with community owners in mind, boards will benefit in unique ways. Our RSS team is an innovative pivot of resources and provides a robust back up to our licensed community managers.
Your manager can now invest this saved time in board-directed activities and community operations, thus deepening your partnership.  
We’re still available for emergencies or urgent matters at our 24/7/365 Customer Care Centre 1.855.266.3601.
Here’s some areas the Resident Support Services team benefits boards.
  • Improved resident satisfaction
  • Valuable community and resident insight through RSS data and analytics
  • Data and community information continuity during manager turnover
  • Enhanced lifestyles through industry-leading technology
  • Deepening relationships between boards and licensed community managers thanks to the additional time saved with RSS. 
Our Resident Support Services is one of many ways we’re continually evolving to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Learn more about our property management services.
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