At FirstService Residential, our mission is to make a difference every day for communities like yours, serving as your partner in its management, evolution and enhancement. It’s rewarding work that is built on strong relationships, grounded in our deep local market knowledge and strong industry experience. As the leading residential property management company in North America, we are committed to providing council members like you the guidance and support you need to ensure your community’s continued success.
That is why FirstService Residential has structured the delivery of our exclusive services and value-added resources so your strata manager and fellow council members can easily take advantage of them. After all, they are some of the reasons you selected FirstService Residential as your strata management partner.
Our Local Team is Structured Around You
The FirstService Residential service delivery model is built on the belief that the best way to support the communities we manage is with a strong local presence and a deep understanding of the local market. That’s why we surround your strata manager with an experienced and knowledgeable team of empowered professionals who are knowledgeable about your market.
These executive-level leaders know your neighbourhood and its culture, have relationships with the best local vendors and are well-versed on the local laws which impact your strata corporation. Together, these strengths enable them to partner with your strata manager and council to impact your property values, enhance the lifestyle of your residents and successfully handle the challenges that arise which are unique to your part of the country.
Each property manager is supported by a team comprised of:
  • Regional Director
  • Vice President
  • President
  • Financial Director
  • Dedicated Client Accountant
  • Administration Team
Together, these professionals help our councils and communities successfully address issues and make better use of the in-house services that are built right into FirstService Residential’s framework. This structure also ensures that none of our communities are tied to just one individual — namely, your strata manager — and that the entire company is aware and responsive to your corporation’s needs.
The Best of Both Worlds
A tangible benefit to working with a North American wide company with a local service delivery structure is that your local team has the backing of 19,000 associates and 8,500 communities across Canada and the US that bring even more knowledge to the table. This means if your corporation requires specific expertise that your local team doesn’t have, your local team can quickly find insights from experts and thought leaders across North America with decades of experience.

Chris Churchill, president at FirstService Residential – British Columbia, captures the corporate structure this way: “When councils work with us, they enjoy the small company feel, but benefit from a big company’s expertise. We have all the resources they need right there where they are, but we also have this expansive breadth of services that no one else can offer. Ultimately, you’re getting the best of both worlds.”

Put another way, we are uniquely able to offer our communities proven, effective solutions because we’ve seen it all. So as issues arise, local teams can tap into the best practices that have been shared by their counterparts across the organization to tackle problems head-on and solve them.

Here’s a good example of this:

Here in British Columbia, we worked quickly to mobilize 85% of our associates to work remotely. We also managed to maintain focus on ensuring that we were able to provide our clients with the best advice and tools to deal with the pandemic as best as possible” said Darrin Whitney, Vice President of Strata Operations at FirstService Residential– Vancouver.
By leveraging our relationships throughout Canada and the U.S., FirstService Residential can make a significant and positive difference for the communities and councils we serve — a difference that is delivered and experienced locally.
Thursday June 24, 2021