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Only FirstService Residential has the new development expertise to assist with your next project. For more than 35 years, our team has guided Metro Vancouver’s through the complexities of strata developments from cost-sharing and amenity setups, to easements and air space parcels.

FirstService Residential is also proud to be North America’s top strata management company, managing more than 1.5 million units, including some of the world’s most prestigious communities, including the Plaza Hotel and Park 432 in New York City, the Porsche Design Building in Miami, and Lumina in San Francisco.

Here’s how we help:

  • Cost-sharing, Air Space Parcels, Easements, and Amenities – Our New Projects Team engages with you at the development planning stage. Using information from more than 550+ locally managed properties, FirstService Residential has experience managing and advising developers on considerations around cost-sharing agreements, air space parcel arrangements, easements, utilities, physical building layout, and amenity setup. Trust that our team will identify the considerations you need to take into account when planning a successful project.
  • Mixed-use Developments & Sections – With more than 1.2 million ft2 of commercial, office, and industrial strata property under management, FirstService Residential is your trusted advisor for all mixed-use developments. We will explain the options available for setting up mixed-use properties, when it comes to ‘sections’, ensuring that all information is properly outlined in your disclosure statement.
  • Building Warranty Service –Our team for Warranty Services is a valued asset to our developer clients, educating the strata council and ownership on the warranty process, which raises awareness and allows for a smooth completion of your new project. Our Manager of Warranty Services will diarize deficiency reporting deadlines, assist the strata with reporting lists, educate the strata council on deficiencies versus regular maintenance repairs, and correspond with all stakeholders in organizing any required repairs. The result is an educated client who better understands the warranty process and your efforts as a developer.
  • Budgeting – By collecting market data from more than 55,000 locally managed units, we provide you with unmatched market intelligence. Our team will be able to share benchmarks related to strata fees, utilities, insurance, and maintenance expenses to help you create a marketable budget.
  • Disclosure Statement Assistance – We will assist in the review process as your disclosure statement is prepared, developing your budget and bylaws, while guiding you and your legal team for considerations around air space parcels, cost-sharing, and easements.
  • Bylaws – From pets and smoking, to short-term rental and Human Rights exemptions, strata bylaws continue to rapidly evolve. With a library of unique and vetted bylaws, we have our finger on the pulse of the most important bylaws to consider for your development. Our team will help craft the bylaws best for your community.
  • New Projects Team to Launch Project – Once sales commence, your development is served by our New Projects Team. Led by our Manager of New Projects, we will engage with owners at key-handover to ensure they are setup to begin enjoying their new home or investment. From move-in schedules and elevator booking, to managing the first AGM and interim budget, we assist through the entire handover process.
  • Assist Sales Team – Our New Projects Team is also available to assist your sales team. Whether it is preparing new homeowner information, creating move-in websites, or attending welcome sessions, we appreciate the opportunity to work with your sales team to help educate owners
  • Technology – Available exclusively to clients of FirstService Residential, owners will receive access to  FirstService Residential Connect™, the industry’s leading strata software. Our amenity-based web portal that provides owners with online access to the strata’s documents, including minutes, notices, financials, and bylaws. The platform also provides owners with access to their personal account information, including account balances, along with community calendars, amenity booking options and comprehensive voice and email mass communication features.

Learn more about how FirstService Residential British Columbia’s professional strata developer services can help you create a truly unique lifestyle promise for your future residents.

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