As there are more frequent extreme weather events, and a need to be prepared for a potential earthquake, it is becoming more critical for strata communities to have emergency plans in place. As a partner in the management of your communities we understand the importance of planning and the need to be properly prepared for emergencies.

Rewatch our council member webinar: Disaster Lifecycle: Mitigation and Preparedness Activities and Best Practices. FirstService Residential’s Darrin Whitney, Vice President of Strata Operations and Gaelan Porter, Senior Director, Insurance, share best practices when it comes to preventative measures to reduce risk when faced with emergencies.
Learn more about:

  • How to mitigate consequences of a hazard impact through collective action.
  • How community resilience is contingent on expanding the ‘traditional’ preparedness approach and strong community systems.
  • Implementing strong community systems through innovative ways and without much cost.
  • Identifying and protecting vulnerable citizens living in strata corporations.