• I am struck by the fact that our community management and managers are doing a great job managing a property composed of roughly 500 acres, with +/- 925 homes, having a population of about 1,800 people. Having served on an HOA board prior to moving to Cresswind, I appreciate the complexities of the assignments management does on a daily basis. The reason I write this review is to say "Thank you" to the staff and managers for their daily efforts and good work!
    Jeff, online review
  • As Board President of my Condo Association, I have a lot of responsibility to maintain and enhance our community. First Service Residential has not only listened to our objectives but has been successful in improving our financial strength, curb appeal, and preventative maintenance schedule. By bringing select engineering and maintenance in house we have increased control and quality while reducing costs. This has included the maintenance of our floors that include extensive carpeted and polished stone floors. Our entire on property team takes great pride and ownership of their work. The Property Manager is able to balance the demands of our Board, the residents expectations, and realities of what is appropriate for our building team is able to take on. The support leadership First Service Residential provides our building staff is unrivaled and I look forward to continuing a partnership.
    Andy - Board President
  • Mary and I cannot begin to tell you all how pleased we are after having Ilie and Niquia tackle our persistent hot water issue. For close to 15 years we have experience on and off hot water in our master bedroom bathroom. Past managers and maintenance engineers have tried to identify this issue and have failed. Our current team approached this problem in the most aggressive and practical way never giving up and succeed in saving H20 and making happy home owners. I am writing you all because homes mostly complain and never notice the day to day good deeds done on their behalf. I realize both Niquia and Ilie are new to this building and that makes it more outstanding that they were able to identify and FIX this hot water issue. Best to you all and a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    Bill & Mary - Residents
  • I’m happy to recommend FirstService Residential for community association services. They bring well-developed systems, policies and administrative structure to a community, particularly now that they’re affiliated with First Service Residential Management.
    Board Member
    Atlanta, GA
  • Our community, like many others, is experiencing collection issues with delinquent accounts. FirstService Residential advised us to interview several firms to handle collections for us. This advice allowed us to identify a law firm that has taken over collecting delinquent accounts for us and, while we still have delinquencies, our cash flow has improved and the amounts owed are closely monitored. In the time they’ve been on board, we have been able to stabilize our balance sheet and accounts receivables.
    Board Member
    Atlanta, GA
  • FirstService Residential has been our management company since the Association’s inception. The property manager has far exceeded our expectations with both her quantity and quality of work. The turnover of an association can be a daunting task and our property manager and her staff have been up to the challenge. Her commitment and dedication to the property is truly appreciated by everyone who lives here. We look forward to continuing our relationship with FirstService Residential!
    Board Member
    Alpharetta, GA
  • Since FirstService assumed control of our association, we feel like we have a real partner who is dedicated to our success. The results are happy homeowners and a Board that runs like a business.
    Board Member
    Atlanta, GA
  • One common thread in business is that when a client is unhappy they tend to complain and when they are pleased they tend to stay silent. Well, my wife and I are completely thrilled with our property manager, Jorge Dominguez, and wanted to let you know. We recently had serious damage to our condo that led to weeks of disruption and thousands of dollars in repairs. Jorge assisted us in navigating the contractor and insurance issues and we are very pleased with the end results. More importantly, he helped us identify a gap in our insurance policy less than 60 days before the incident took place, got on the phone with our representative and helped him correct the problem. Had Jorge not taken the steps that he had, our family would have been liable for much of the damage and out of pocket $10,000. Jorge is an asset to our community and your organization and we feel very fortunate to have him as our property manager.
    Gary & Diana - Residents
  • As Senior Vice President of Association Management for ST Residential, the nation’s leading owner and operator of luxury condominiums, I work with dozens of association management companies throughout the U.S. and I can truly say that FirstService Residential (formerly Community One Associates) is one of the best I have had the opportunity to work with. They listen and understand the needs of their clients and work tirelessly to see that those needs are met. They take incredible pride and ownership in their work and are able to balance the demands of a developer/owner while meeting and exceeding the expectations of the residents. They are always focused on serving the best interest of the community. Their professionalism is unmatched and they are an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Greg Franks, Senior VP, Association Management, ST Residential
    Atlanta, GA
  • I’ve been quite impressed with FirstService Residentail so far. You have far exceeded my expectations. I can see the tremendous benefit we will be getting – and have already gotten – from this partnership. If I ever wanted to go into property management, I’d want to work for FirstService Residential.
    Brookwood Park Condominiums,
  • I have used FirstService Residential to manage my active adult community called Brookhaven at Johns Creek in the new City of Johns Creek, GA since early 2011. They are extremely professional, courteous and responsive. From the CEO Matt Philips down to my community manager Lisa Dearman I have enjoyed interacting with them very much, and they have done an extremely good job of managing a group of very interested and engaged homeowners. I would recommend them to anyone considering professional HOA management.
    Jim Chapman - President of Jim Chapman Communities, Inc
    Johns Creek, GA
  • I'd just like to say thanks again to Bradley, Rebecca and the rest of the management team, as well as Jill, Chad and others that helped prepare and present last night, as I was truly impressed by the outcome. Not only was this the first time I've ever seen us get a quorum, it was also the first time that I've ever walked out of one of our Annual meetings feeling positive about the results and path ahead. Great job everyone and thank you!
    Toby - High-Rise Board Member