Local service structure and expertise: How your community benefits

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Why do more condo communities choose to partner with FirstService Residential? We bring our service-first philosophy to life. Find out how!

Condo management requires diverse professional management partners 

Condos in Toronto require a unique management team and services for their diverse communities to thrive. We aim to make a difference daily by serving as your partner in your community's management, evolution, and enhancement. It's rewarding work built on solid relationships, grounded in our deep local market knowledge and substantial industry experience. In our role, we are committed to providing board members like you with the guidance and support needed to ensure your community's continued success. 

That's why we’ve structured the delivery of our exclusive services and value-added resources so your property manager and fellow board members can easily take advantage of them. After all, they are some of the reasons why we continue to be selected as a partner in Toronto property management.  

Toronto property management

We structure our local team around you 

Our service delivery model is built on the belief that the best way to support the communities we manage is with a strong local presence and a deep understanding of the local market. Toronto is a unique city with diverse neighbourhoods. From Chinatown to the Junction, the Beaches to Little Italy, every Toronto neighbourhood has different needs and priorities for their condo corporations.
So, we surround your property manager with an experienced and informed team of empowered Toronto property management professionals. A team that is knowledgeable about your market because, more often than not, they call Toronto home too. 

These executive-level leaders know your neighbourhood and understand its culture. They have relationships with the best local vendors and are well-versed in the local laws that directly impact your condo corporation. And together, these strengths enable them to partner with your property manager and board to affect your property values and enhance the lifestyle of your residents. It also allows them to successfully handle the challenges that arise that are unique to your part of the country and province.

Each property manager is supported by a: 

Regional director 

The regional director plays a critical role in ensuring the continuous improvement of our property managers. As the manager’s supervisor, the regional director also engages with the board, supporting them with another direct line of communication. 

Vice presidents and president 

Senior leadership provides our property managers with strategic guidance through collaboration with other regional leaders and multiple property oversight. Given their collective experience, they also share best practices and gain different perspectives. 

Administrative team 

Our centralized administration department handles the administrative needs of our property managers. The admin team will send notices and letters to residents at the property manager's request, process Status Certificates, New Owner Information Certificates, and more.  

Customer Care Centre 

Our Customer Care Centre consists of trained, service-focused community specialists who use FirstService Residential Connect™ to quickly locate information about your community.  
Together, these professionals help our boards and communities successfully address issues and better use the in-house services built into our framework. This structure also ensures that none of our communities are tied to just one individual—namely, your property manager—and that the entire company is aware and responsive to your corporation's needs. 

The best of both worlds for property management in Toronto  

Happy toronto board memberA tangible benefit to working with a North American-wide company with a local service delivery structure is that your local team has the backing of 19,000 associates and 8,500 communities across Canada and the United States. Which brings even more knowledge to the table. So, what happens if your corporation requires specific expertise that your local team doesn't have? They can quickly find insights from experts and thought leaders across North America who hold decades of experience.  

"At most smaller property management companies, the property manager also undertakes the administrative tasks. This could strain the property manager's time management, as administration tasks can take up a lot of time. At FirstService Residential, our centralized administration support team handles all the property manager's administrative tasks. This enables our property managers to give their day-to-day running of the communities their undivided attention, with all the administrative responsibilities taken care of by our support team," said Mark D. Hopkins, president at FirstService Residential Ontario. 

Put another way, we are uniquely able to offer our communities proven, practical solutions because we've seen it all. So as issues arise, local teams can tap into the best practices that have been shared by their counterparts across the organization. Allowing the local team to tackle problems head-on and solve them promptly. 

Local expertise put into practice   

An excellent example of how our local team and our value-added services can find effective solutions for solving problems for their communities is the following example.

We manage a 500-unit condominium in Toronto, where the experts at FirstService Energy identified an energy-saving opportunity. FirstService Energy suggested the community’s board of directors install variable frequency drives, or VFDs, on various motors throughout the property. A VFD controls a motor’s speed. The frequency and voltage are adjusted to meet the motor’s demand, improving efficiency. When installed correctly, a VFD has several other benefits, including energy savings, cost savings, and reduced stress on the equipment.

Initially, the capital cost for the installation project was $52,000. However, FirstService Energy, in its commitment to cost-effectiveness, identified a Save on Energy incentive program called BizEnergySaver. This program offers substantial incentives for installing LED and lighting control upgrades, parking garage exhaust fan controls, and variable frequency drives. After applying for and entering the program, the capital cost was dramatically reduced to $17,000—that’s $35,000 covered by incentives!

After receiving the incentives from BizEnergySaver, FirstService Energy found an additional $5,500 in incentives that were applied to the project resulting in a final capital cost of $11,500. With the savings found from improved efficiency, the community will pay back the final capital cost in just three months. After installation, the energy savings from this project are $51,000 per year.

Unique city, unique property types, unique services     

The Toronto property management industry encompasses a wide variety of property types. From high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise buildings to townhome complexes and commercial condominiums.

Toronto condo management

Fortunately, our services are designed to meet the needs of any property regardless of the type or size. Catered to meet the unique needs of each community, our services range from managing packages for all different building sizes to maintaining common elements of townhouse complexes and everything in between. More importantly, our Toronto property management teams are well versed in the various needs of these properties, so they can ensure the required services run smoothly and successfully. 

By leveraging our relationships throughout Canada and the U.S. and implementing the right services for the property, FirstService Residential can make a significant and positive difference for the communities and boards we serve — a difference that is delivered and experienced locally.

Friday June 07, 2024