December 07, 2021 10:57 PM - January 01, 2022 12:52 PM

Legislative Updates: COA Action Items with Winstead PC

Available now On-Demand! Attorneys Jennifer Martin & Alex Valdes from Winstead PC discuss recommended actions your COA board must complete to comply with recent Texas legislation!

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Dallas , TX
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Misinformation and rumor can take over on important news like new legislation. While changes affecting condominium associations (COAs) are relatively minor, the 2021 Texas 87th Legislative Session closed with new bills that significantly affect property owner's associations (POAs/HOAs) governed under Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code (TPC). 

It's easy for the overabundance of information on social media and news channels to confuse your membership on what changes only affect COAs instead of HOAs. We want to arm your boards with accurate information that allows you to communicate effectively in response to resident questions.

Get clarification for your board and association:

  • Hear accurate, streamlined summaries of all legislative changes
  • Get action items to confirm your association will be in compliance
  • Access a printable quick-list of all changes and action items

Leading the discussion are attorneys of Winstead PC:

Jennifer Martin, Winstead PC  Alex Valdes, Winstead PC ‚Äč

Jennifer Martin
Of  Counsel
Winstead PC

Alex Valdes
Winstead PC

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