Friendly and Responsive Service

As part of FirstService Residential’s mission to add value and deliver responsive, genuinely helpful service, we offer round‐the‐clock information by phone through our Customer Care Center. Residents can obtain instant answers and information about payments, their association or any other issue related to their community whenever they call, day or night.
Our 24/7 Customer Care Center is staffed by trained customer service specialists who provide requested information and friendly and personalized service. By using FirstService Residential Connect, our proprietary community management software, to access a database of information specific to each community, they can quickly answer questions or resolve issues during this initial contact. The team is able to answer over 94% of callers questions within the first call from a resident.  As a result, we continue to earn high satisfaction ratings from callers after the first call.
Why do residents call?  Here are the top reasons:

  • Account Balances/Payments/Collections
  • Violation Inquiries
  • Document Requests
  • Access to Common Areas
  • Emergencies

In addition to live 24/7 customer service, we also give residents the option to use IVR, an interactive phone technology, if they don’t wish to speak to a live person – or don’t have time. IVR enables callers to obtain automated information by pushing various buttons on their keypads – and if you’ve ever called your bank or credit card company, you’re already familiar with the process.
Now, residents can obtain automated payment information and perform a variety of actions though our IVR system, including:

  • Balance and Last Payment
  • Last five transactions
  • Payment address
  • Pay‐by‐Phone
  • Transfer to Customer Care Specialist

As an additional benefit, callers can designate their call as an Emergency, which gives them priority status in the queue. To connect with the FirstService Residential IVR System, please call 480‐551‐4300, select option ‘1’ and simply follow the helpful prompts.

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