Arizona Large-scale, Master-Planned, and Lifestyle Communities

More than a neighborhood  

More than a neighborhood, communities with 500 residences or more, featuring amenities such as a clubhouse, tennis or pickleball centers, clubs and social programming, and often multiple sub-associations, have complex needs. Board members can rely on FirstService’s professional scale and experience to manage the moving parts of master-planned lifestyle communities – from expert financial guidance to facility management to curating experiences for residents and their guests to enjoy. 

We can support your community with:  

  • Financial expertise 
  • Lifestyle programming for all resident demographics  
  • Violations programs 
  • Vendor Management 
  • 24-hour Customer Care Center  

And more.   

As a board member, every decision you make, every policy you implement, must align with the vision you’ve set for your community (if you don’t have one yet, we can help you with that, too!). Partnering with a professional management company can ensure your master and sub-associations are unified, your concerns addressed, and your neighborhood maintained.   

We are proud to have helped enhance many of Arizona’s most desirable master-planned and lifestyle communities, and we continue to provide quality tailored property management services to ensure their continued success. We put the best people in place to meet the needs of your community – trained professionals with experience in lifestyle amenities and community management, as well as developer operations if needed. 

At FirstService Residential, we have the expertise and solutions to anticipate needs and respond – no matter the property type. With our professional scale, we can make your budget go further. And our service-first philosophy means we don’t stop until what’s complicated becomes uncomplicated. To make life, simplified. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What does master planned mean? 

Master-planned communities are developments that are carefully designed and constructed to meet the needs of residents. These communities are created with a comprehensive plan in mind, which includes everything from the layout of the streets to the type of homes and amenities that will be available. The goal of a master planned community is to create a cohesive and functional environment that meets the needs of residents and promotes a high quality of life.  

What is a lifestyle community? 

Homebuyers who dream of resort-style living can make their dreams come true at one of Arizona’s lifestyle communities, where residents enjoy an array of on-site recreational, social and wellness amenities just steps from their door. Lifestyle communities are residential developments that are designed to cater to a specific type of lifestyle or interest. These communities may focus on activities such as golfing, boating, or equestrian activities, or may cater to specific age groups or interests, such as active adult communities or eco-friendly communities. 

Lifestyle communities, at their best, create a unique atmosphere and function as a neighborhood on their own. Amenities and social programming create a highly connected community with shared interests. Residents can enjoy the aspects of social living while maintaining their privacy through individual housing. From sunny days relaxing by the pool to gathering for events at the clubhouse, you enjoy a strong sense of community.   

At FirstService Residential, every member of our team strives to live up to our promises, exceed our clients’ expectations and develop lasting relationships with the people and communities we serve. To us, property management is not just a business, but also our passion – a calling to enrich and enhance the quality of life for our neighbors and friends throughout Arizona.    

We offer a dedicated Lifestyle Division with a successful track record of designing HOA management and lifestyle programs specially tailored to lifestyle and master-planned communities. Team members include experienced community managers and support teams with the training and experience to design and manage a wide selection of programs and activities to increase your residents’ lifestyle experiences and add value to your community. 
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