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The value we provide, along with our lasting relationships and decades of experience have helped us to become the leading full-service property management company in Minneapolis. 
Working closely with Board members to gain a thorough understanding of your community and assess its needs, we use our association management expertise, leadership and insights to create a strategic business plan to achieve the objectives of your condominium or townhome association.  Your community is a real estate asset, so we provide association management services to enhance its marketability and lifestyle while ensuring its continued financial stability and success.
Over the past three decades, we have evolved to provide Minneapolis’ most comprehensive association management resources, operating procedures and service delivery.  In addition, we offer a full range of value-added services to support your Board, enhance the quality of life for residents and ensure we consistently provide the highest levels of attention and customer satisfaction.
Many of our talented pool of community management professionals have deep local Minneapolis connections and can provide profound insights in the associations they serve. Our teams make a difference every day in communities like yours, building strong relationships with every homeowner and Board Member in the communities we serve.

Our expertise extends beyond Minneapolis to all types of communities throughout the Twin Cities, including:

·        Condominiums

·        Townhomes

·        Apartments

·        Single-Family Homes

Minneapolis Association management

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