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Why is FirstService Residential the Homeowner Association (HOA) management company of choice for communities and Homeowner Associations throughout the Twin Cities greater metro area?  Because we know that the properties in our care are our homeowners’ most significant investments. We care about the properties we manage as though we live there ourselves.  

At FirstService Residential Minnesota, we have designed resources specifically for master-planned communities through our experience in managing more master-planned communities than any other association management company in Minnesota.
From day one of our partnership with an association, we ensure that we understand the unique needs of each community and get right to supporting the board with the things that matter most. We focus on providing the right team and the support your community needs to thrive.

Master-planned communities are created with a vision and offer many desirable features and amenities. However, their size and scope also create some unique management challenges. As a board member, it may not surprise you that not many property management companies know how to manage them effectively. Most companies lack industry knowledge, resources, dedicated service, or local expertise.

FirstService Residential has a different approach for the master-planned communities. As property management leaders in North America, we have managed more master-planned communities than anyone else. Over the years, we have helped and managed thousands of master-planned communities across the U.S. Many of them are the largest and renowned developments, and they have looked to us to help them create beautiful and successful communities.

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Benefits of Single-Source Management

  • To put it simply, when the same property management company manages a master and residential entity, board members can experience consistent, integrated management, including:

  • Budget preparation and monthly financial reporting/invoice review, allocation billing and collections, assessments, utilities, operating expenses & payroll.

  • Vendor management/accountability, work scope preparation & bid proposal and approval.

  • Privileged pricing based on entity work workflow & contract negotiations.

  • Administration and compliance with master and HOA governing documents, including meeting schedules and minutes, document filing, collaborative board communication & relationship management.

  • Seamless project management & efficient workflow.

  • Single point of contact for all sub-associations.

  • Conflict management

  • Consistent resolution recordkeeping

  • Elimination of perceived bias between residential and master associations

Services Designed to Your Needs

Thanks to our best-in-class service and solutions and ongoing in-house training, your experience as a valued FirstService Residential partner starts the moment you request a proposal. From our vendor partnerships to our dedicated community managers, we aim to go above and beyond to demonstrate our local expertise and provide solutions, tools and services that will better your association.

Every master-planned community has a different vision and unique needs. To uncover your community’s vision, we talk with board members about the goals of the association, then provide them with the necessary tools and resources so they can transform their vision into a successful and well-planned future for your community. Our goal is to enhance the value and experience of every board member and resident.

Ongoing Development and Training

FirstService Residential handpicks your management team to ensure that you have the right team in place. Team members all have the training and experience to deliver the services your association and your residents need. In addition, they live in your area, so they understand the issues you care about most. Members of your team always strive to live up to their promises. Their goal is to exceed your expectations and develop lasting relationships with your residents.

Our recruitment standards permit the hiring of only the best talent. And from there, we invest the resources and effort in training and development to ensure that those who represent your master-planned community deliver the highest service to your residents and their guests. We have a best-in-class association manager training program to immerse them into their roles from the start and ensure that they are gaining the knowledge they need to succeed in their role. We also ensure ongoing training and support industry training to make sure our association managers are the best in Minnesota. 

We understand that master-planned communities are unlike other types of associations and we plan for that. Our experienced teams know how to manage even the most complicated communities and do it with ease to make your lives as board members easier.


HOA Master Planned Community Training


Governance and Management

As the market leader in master-planned communities, with over 30 master-planned communities in those communities under management, we understand the unique governance structures associated with communities like yours. We understand the importance of working closely with and communicating with sub-association Boards and homeowners to support the broader community.

Vendor Performance

As the leading community association management company in Minnesota, we have the vendor relationships to recommend reliable vendors to bid on key service contracts and ensure that vendors serve the community to fulfill their contract to a high service standard.

This is particularly important in the current marketplace, characterized by labor shortages in many critical services businesses like snow removal and landscaping.


Some of Our Specialized Services

Let us show you how we can add value for your community and deliver on our service promise to your Board members, homeowners and residents, now and always.

  • Strategic planning

  • Financial management

  • Physical asset analysis and preventive maintenance programs

  • Leadership planning

  • Proprietary technology innovations

  • Board member training

  • Managing transitions

  • Industry-leading training and professional development

  • Workflow management processes and systems

Exclusive Value-Added Services

As part of our commitment to deliver high-quality experiences, each value-added service is tailored to enhance residents’ lifestyles and maximize property values.

  • 24-hour Customer Care Center which provides:

    • Immediate community association and homeowner information and answers

    • Instantly accessible requestable information

    • Resolved issues at the primary point of contact

    • Right satisfaction ratings after the first call.

  • FirstService Residential Connect, our secure online portal connecting residents to their community

  • Banking & Insurance Programs

  • Developer Services

  • Green & Sustainability Programs

As Minnesota’s property management leader for all community types, we provide a variety of tailored services far beyond the scope of any other management company. See for yourself how our resources, insight and commitment to service can maximize your property values, quality of life and how we can make a difference, every day, for you and your neighbors.

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