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  • Making the Right Vendor Decisions

    Making the Right Vendor Decisions

    May 21, 2021
    When your property begins the process of hiring a vendor, you want to ensure that you're making the best choice possible for your community's benefit. A good vendor will execute your vision on time and budget, whereas a not-so-good one can be the source of lousy quality, unexpected delays, inconvenience, and a whole lot of headaches!
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    How to Hire the Best Property Management Company

    Mar 23, 2021
    Whether you have been newly elected to your board or you have been a board member for several years, you owe it to your residents to make sure that you are managed by the best property management company. Every condominium corporation differs in their needs, so you must take the proper time and ask the right questions when hiring a property management company.
  • High-Rise in Spring

    Getting Your Building’s Spring Cleaning Started

    Mar 19, 2021
    As building managers begin property inspection, they note the necessary repairs for winter damage as they make their rounds through the community. The spring season is a time for renewal and a fresh look, so being able to properly landscape around the building is of utmost importance. 
  • Getting the Right Training to Be a Successful Board Member

    Mar 12, 2021
    Most people who join the board of their condominium corporation aren’t experts. Rather, they are well-intentioned, dedicated volunteer-leaders who want to protect property values and ensure their community continues to be a great place to live. If you’re a new board member – or even a seasoned one – it’s important to get the training you need to govern effectively and address the issues you may face.
  • 9 Ways to Foster Enhanced Communications on Your Community Board

    Mar 04, 2021
    Your role as a board member involves a lot of communications. Whether it’s speaking with a board member or drafting up and email, you may be looking to learn or refine some communications skills.
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    Connecting with Your Community: Communication Best Practices

    Feb 12, 2021
    Effective communication fosters better relationships among board members, your residents and property management company, and keeps all parties well informed. Here are the 4 components of a successful communication plan that create effective outreach to all members of your community.
  • Five Steps Association Board Members Can Take to Identify and Resolve Conflict

    Jan 08, 2021
    Condominium board members are an important part of the property management team, and play a vital role in the success of the community. If you serve as a condominium corporation board member, it is inevitable that you will run into conflicts with other board members at some point. Understanding how to avoid damaging conflict, work effectively with other board members and gain consensus on solutions to your community's issues will benefit everyone in your community.
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    3 Ways to Fund Your Condo Corporation’s Replacements and Major Repair

    Jan 05, 2021
    At one time or another, every condominium corporation has to spend money on replacing equipment or making major repairs. Whether that means replacing a roof, installing a new ventilation system or any other big-ticket project, they are a necessity. But how should your condo corporation pay for them?
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    Customer Care: 7 Ways Your Management Company Should “Answer the Call”

    Dec 18, 2020
    If your community is managed by a property management company, you probably have an after-hours number you can call for urgent issues. But what if you simply want to take care of day-to-day condo corporation business? “People don’t operate in normal business hours anymore,” says Rolando Hernandez, national customer care director at FirstService Residential. “Residents and board members need to be able to take care of condo business how and when it’s convenient for them.”
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    Five Steps for a More Effective Condo Board Meeting

    Dec 11, 2020
    If you're like many board members, one of your most challenging jobs is running your condominium corporation board meetings. Keeping everyone on task and addressing board member disagreements is not always easy. So what can you do to manage your meetings more effectively?