5 keys to success for managing residential golf communitiesMore than a neighborhood, golf communities create a unique atmosphere where amenities and social programming promote a highly connected community with shared interests. It takes the support of a professional management company to seamlessly implement best practices to enhance and personalize lifestyle services to create a rewarding resident experience.In this article, we’ll discuss the five ways you can elevate your community golf experience below and how a professional management company like FirstService Residential can support luxury golf residences.
  1. Aesthetic Landscaping

    Maintaining your golf course's lush and pristine appearance is the first step toward a successful lifestyle program. Investing in regular landscaping and upkeep helps the fairways, greens, and common areas remain in great condition, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the community. It’s not just about the golfing experience; it’s about creating a place that all residents will enjoy. Investing in a beautiful environment creates a community where the well-kept golf course becomes an integral part of everyday living.
  2. Social Events

    Organizing social events helps promote engagement among residents. By planning diverse activities, ranging from exciting golf tournaments to casual social gatherings and family-friendly events, communities can establish valuable opportunities for residents to connect. When designed to cater to the varied interests of residents and avid golf enthusiasts alike, these events help the community become a hub for socializing and recreation.

    "Through a blend of amenities and facilities, purposeful community-centered programs and events, and the backdrop of a natural environment, we help facilitate engagement opportunities for every resident, fostering an active, well-rounded, and healthy lifestyle within the community," says the VP of Lifestyle Programming Michelle Kithcart.
  3. Elevated Services

    Lifestyle services for golf communities go beyond the standard upkeep of the greens, introducing a range of additional amenities that enhance the resident experience. In addition to routine golf course maintenance, on-site food and beverage services, and a well-equipped pro shop add a new dimension to lifestyle programming. Whether working on your backswing or enjoying a refreshing drink, these services not only cater to the physical aspect of the game but also create a social and leisurely atmosphere, making the golfing experience more comprehensive and enjoyable for residents.

    Vice President of Community Solutions, Landy Labadie shares how resident expectations tie into an association’s amenity services. “The resident experience in a golf community no longer starts on the greens. It begins at the property. Regardless of whether they participate in the sport, residents want to feel involved in the community dynamics. Ongoing service additions such as onsite retail and dining options help create a unified and consistent experience for all. Ultimately elevating lifestyle experiences in the community.”
  4. Advanced Security

    Safety is paramount in any community. Implementing security measures, like surveillance cameras and gated entry systems, helps to enhance the overall safety of the community and the golf course. Utilizing modern technology not only acts as a deterrent to potential security threats but also provides a sense of assurance to residents, knowing that their well-being and the security of the entire area are prioritized. By incorporating these measures, communities can create a secure environment that fosters a sense of safety and comfort for all.
  5. Clear Policies

    Establishing clear rules and regulations is key to fostering a harmonious living environment. Consistent communication and enforcement of community guidelines, covering aspects like golf course usage, noise levels, and property maintenance, contribute to a positive atmosphere. Communities can cultivate a sense of order and mutual respect by keeping residents well-informed and adhering to these established norms.

360 degrees of support

While the above tips play a key role in elevating your community’s golf experience, it takes a professional management company to keep your association running smoothly. At FirstService Residential, we bring more than just property management; we bring a commitment to enhancing your community's lifestyle. Just ask our Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club, which experienced over $1.2 million in savings on a major capital improvement project as a result of our 360 degrees of support.

Situated on over 730 acres with more than 1500 homes, the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club is a large lifestyle community that centers around its pristine golf course. After years of use, it was determined that all 27-golf course putting greens needed to be replaced, with original estimates putting the project at $1.5 million, and the course closed for an entire year.

The previous management company lacked a strategic plan, and residents took matters into their own hands, forming committees to take on the planning of the extensive capital projects and expenditures. This resulted in communication issues and inefficient administration and maintenance of the common areas. In 2019 that all changed.

The luxury golf course community signed on with FirstService Residential and immediately received our “360 degrees of support”, including expertise from value engineering, FirstService Energy, FirstService Financial, and company leadership.  

“Before we signed the contract, we had a plan,” explains Jake Howse, director of business development. “We wanted them to see our range of expertise and depth of resources, so they understood the support the board and on-site management team would have access to.”

Within the first 90 days, we added support in the administrative offices, hired a marketing and communication manager to oversee community messaging, and located a vendor who was able to complete repairs to the greens in just 97 days at 20% of the cost of the original bid. A saving of over $1.2 million.

To read the full story on how we were able to bring value, reduce costs, and streamline repairs at this golf community, access the case study here.

Why FirstService Residential

Like our community in Tampa, our teams have the expertise and solutions to anticipate needs and respond – no matter the property type. Now, working alongside renowned golf management company KemperSports, we’re taking our communities’ golf course experience to a new level. Our property management expertise, paired with enhanced service and lifestyle offerings from KemperSports, means board members and residents can sit back and enjoy their home.

Together, we make life, simplified.

Got questions? Or simply want to know more? Contact a member of our team today to see how we can support your community’s vision.

Monday February 05, 2024