Specialized Lifestyle Community Management Tailored to Fit Your Needs

FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel discusses how we support board members with community lifestyle and hospitality programs, financial services, sustainability, resiliency, and more.

Whether you are on the board of a homeowner’s association, co-op, condominium, master planned community, or luxury high-rise, we understand that you have a vision for your community. Our unmatched local expertise and world-class resources allow us to provide exceptional service to our communities.

Also known as common-interest communities, lifestyle communities have become an increasingly popular choice for homebuyers. Residents share similar social, recreational, and fitness interests and activities. And they get to enjoy amenities, facilities, and programs tailored to those interests.

What are lifestyle amenities?

Lifestyle amenities are those features of a community that contribute to the quality of life of its residents. They can include parks and open spaces, walking and biking trails, recreation and fitness facilities, and retail and commercial businesses

You can be sure that FirstService Residential will provide a variety of programs and services to make your community thrive. Our years in property management have given us invaluable insight into what it takes for communities like yours, with diverse needs and interests among its residents—to run smoothly from day one.

Some of the Specialized Services We Provide to Lifestyle Communities

  • On-site management and support staff
  • Activity director and lifestyle director services
  • Development and management of amenity, lifestyle, fitness and wellness programs
  • Event and entertainment planning
  • Activity, community and marketing event planning
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Training for board members, committee members and lifestyle directors
  • Value-added services, such as collective buying power and negotiated vendor pricing

A Dedicated Team of Lifestyle Experts

The best way to have a thriving community is with the assistance of an expert team. At FirstService Residential, we specialize in lifestyle communities and can provide you and your board with a variety of services. This can include customized programs for special interests like tennis or golfing and helping plan out amenities that will make life more enjoyable (like pools). 

Team members will first meet with your board to assess your goals. They will help you plan customized lifestyle, recreational, wellness, fitness, entertainment, and educational programs. Team members can also work with board members, committee members, and lifestyle directors to help create your lifestyle programs. They can even support your association in designing and constructing desirable amenities, such as tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, or a clubhouse.

Everyone at FirstService Residential is dedicated to providing warm, friendly, and responsive service to your residents and board members. It is this attention to service and our decades of experience that enable us to enhance both the property values and quality of life in your community. 
Find out how FirstService Residential’s full-service professional lifestyle community management services can enhance your community’s value and lifestyle.

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