Full-service Professional Property Management Services for Residential Communities

FirstService Residential is the number one choice for professional property management services in North America. Thousands of community associations – including homeowners associations (HOAs), condominium associations and co-ops – choose to partner with us because of our demonstrated commitment to helping communities thrive. Our customized, quality services are instrumental in maximizing property values and marketability, as well as increasing resident satisfaction.

Taking the Burden Off HOA Boards

FirstService Residential handles all of your community’s day-to-day operations, ongoing maintenance and resident communication. As a result, your board can focus on its primary role of setting policies. We also support your board members by carrying out their decisions and ensuring that residents comply with community policies and state statutes.

Delivering Personal Attention

By maintaining local teams of professionals, FirstService Residential is able to offer the highest level of personal attention and responsiveness to your community residents. Our professionals live in the same geographic area as the communities they manage. They understand how local factors such as climate and land affect residents. Most importantly, they listen to residents and develop personalized solutions to meet your community’s unique needs.

Providing Large-scale Benefits

Communities that work with FirstService Residential also have the backing of a large company with extensive resources and buying power. From banking and insurance to contractors and vendors, we negotiate the lowest rates for the highest quality products and services. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value from trusted sources.

Continually Improving Service

We obtain annual feedback from more than 15,000 community association board members via our advanced customer experience system. This system applies a well-respected customer loyalty metric that is utilized by many of the world’s leading companies. With this valuable information, we are able to determine client satisfaction and improve our performance.

Year after year, clients consistently express high satisfaction with our responsiveness, service excellence and problem-solving abilities. This is in keeping with our corporate mission of delivering exceptional professional property management services and effective solutions. We are proud that our clients continue to confirm our achievement of this goal. If concerns do come up, we immediately address them with the local team. Together, we work diligently to quickly resolve any issues and restore the high level of service delivery our clients have come to expect.

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