In the fast-paced world of property management, hiring and developing service-focused associates is paramount to serving our communities. At FirstService Residential, our success is built on our commitment to providing training and development opportunities, an inclusive work culture, and lifelong careers for our associates.

Training and Development

To provide our clients with exceptional service, we recognize the importance of creating an exceptional workplace for our associates where they can reach their full potential.Vince Accardi

This involves empowering our team with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their current roles as well as long-term career and personal aspirations. By prioritizing the development of our team, we embolden our associates to continually aim high and deliver outstanding results for our clients as part of a thriving organization.

"I love FirstService Residential because they provide performance-based opportunities for movement and advancement. The overall support for our associates, training and development, and career opportunities make FirstService Residential a great place to work." - Vince Accardi, Community General Manager at FirstService Residential.

With training programs such as FirstService Residential University, Emerging Leaders, and BE the Difference, we support our associates with educational resources they can count on to achieve their personal and career aspirations.

Work Culture

Creating an inclusive organizational culture where everyone feels valued and supported is critical to ensuring our associates achieve their objectives, regardless of their roles or backgrounds. It helps us attract and retainNavdeep Gandhi top talent that embodies our values and consistently welcomes unique perspectives and ideas to the workplace to help us create innovative solutions.

"Working at FirstService Residential has been an incredible growth and development opportunity. The work culture is encouraging and supportive, making it an enjoyable workplace. I genuinely love being part of a team that works together to create something bigger and better than ourselves. This is why I believe in the company and the growth potential it has." - Navdeep Gandhi Regional Project Manager for our North Region, started with the company in 2018 as a property administrator for our communities in Canada.

We understand that a positive work culture doesn't just boost employee morale; it fosters creativity, innovation, and, ultimately, success. With open communication channels and a commitment to inclusivity, we aim for associates to feel like an integral part of a much larger organization.
Karen Stenoien
"FirstService Residential Minnesota had been my home away from home for almost ten years. During those ten years, I have been given the support, space, and opportunity to grow, make mistakes, and learn again and again alongside some of the best leaders and people I have ever known. That growth and learning have allowed me to bring my entire (bad mom joke telling, podcast listening, soccer playing, Prius driving, family loving) self to the workspace, which has been the most invaluable experience." - Karen Stenoien, originally an HR Coordinator for our Minnesota office in 2013, now a decade later, Director of Human Resources.
Amy Mathieson
Our values serve as the foundation upon which FirstService Residential is built and serve to guide each of us every day. Do What’s Right, Own It, Improve it, Aim High, Build Great Relationships, and Be Genuinely Helpful. Our associates — the heart and soul of our company — embody these values, allowing us to be a great place to work.

"It took me a while to find a company that I connect with the way I do at FirstService Residential. The people are kind and supportive and truly live our core values every day. We work hard, and the work we do is important, but it is done with people in mind...Change and innovation are at the forefront of what we do, and it’s a dynamic work environment where I can be my authentic self, take risks, and know that I have supportive leadership around me." - Amy Mathieson, president of our California region, joined FirstService in 2014 as vice president of human resources.

Life-Long CareersEdwin Lugo

Our associates can count on opportunities to build   fulfilling careers when they join our team. From our heart of house to onsite team members, many of our leaders have come from both, showing the possibilities for growth within our organization.

Edwin Lugo joined our company as an assistant recreation manager in 1998 for one of our communities in Miami. 25 years later, he is now Vice President of our South Florida High-Rise Division.

“FirstService believed in me, invested in me, and opened doors for me. Today, I credit much of my development and career growth to this company. When people ask me if this is a good organization to work for, you can guess my answer.”
Katie Ward
Katie Ward, president of our Texas region, started with FirstService Residential in June of 1995 as a portfolio manager in Orange County, CA. "I have been blessed to build a rewarding career with FirstService Residential. Over the years, each time I was ready for a new role or challenge, I was able to find it within the organization and grow within the company I enjoyed and trusted."
Nurturing lifelong careers is not just about retention; it's about creating a dynamic and experienced workforce. Associates who stay with us bring a deAndi Helmspth of knowledge and invaluable expertise to our industry.

"I love working with the people at FirstService Residential because I learn something from them every day, and they encourage me to take on new and challenging opportunities.” - Andi Helms started with us in 2012 as a Front Desk Supervisor and is now Vice President of our Sacramento market.

Continental Reach

Another benKelsey Gamezefit of working with FirstService Residential is the breadth of employment opportunities across the U.S. and Canada. Our continental reach means that associates are not confined to a single region. They can experience different markets, expand their horizons, and broaden their skills, which adds to their professional growth.

"I love working for FirstService Residential because of the many opportunities and adventures that have presented themselves, as well as the great relationships I’ve built along the way." – Says Kelsey Gamez, who began in 2013 as an Administrative Assistant for a property in Miami and has since traveled a few hundred miles to become a Senior Property Manager in New York City.


About Us

FirstService Residential is simplifying property management. Our hospitality-minded teams serve residential communities across the United States and Canada. We partner with boards, owners, and developers to enhance the value of every property and the life of every resident.

Our associates form the foundation of our organization and are our most important asset. Without their contribution and adherence to service excellence, we would not be able to deliver on our mission to enhance the value of every property and the life of every resident. And when you serve people in their communities and homes, every interaction matters.

That is why we prepare and support our associates in their roles, empowering them with the information, tools, and resources they need to deliver on our mission and live our values.
Because we don’t just list our core values, we live them every day. And when we deliver on this, our communities are a great place to live, and FirstService Residential is a great place to work.

Discover your next opportunity

Exceptional support to our communities starts with taking care of each other. As a certified Great Place to Work across the U.S. and Canada, we are always looking to hire and retain service-minded leaders. See available opportunities in your area.
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