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As a developer, you are looking for expert guidance to create value and increase the marketability of your planned properties. Constructing a residential community or building is a balancing act. Every decision is an important one, and everything happens at once. One misstep can have major consequences. Juggling it all can seem complex. But it rarely feels that way to our partners.

At FirstService Residential, we believe property management goes beyond properties. It’s about anticipating needs to put your mind at ease, to simplify your process. Partnering with a professional management company from the initial stages of a project can maximize the marketability of your project and, ultimately, make the handover to the homeowner board as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our project portfolio includes consulting services for complex, multi-phase developments, ultra-luxury residential buildings, and mixed-use properties.

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We can support you through: 
  • Financial services and risk management  We provide dependable, sustainable operating budgets, staffing projections, cost-saving and reserve study analyses, and insurance and compliance reviews for new developments. 
  • Design development and construction phases With decades of experience, our industry professionals provide amenity design and programming options, vendor and service contract recommendations, energy purchasing options, and expertise to optimize front- and back-of-house operational efficiency.
  • Transition management Our team of experts takes proactive measures to ensure optimal preparation, communication, and training for a successful transition. From staff recruiting, training, and phase-in scheduling, to preparing the unit owner welcome package, and resident manual.  

And more.  

From conception through build-out, transition and beyond, we help bring your vision to life. Because we don’t stop until all those complications become starkly uncomplicated. 

To make life, simplified. 

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